10 Guide to renovating new home

With so many HDB around Singapore, such as HDB in Ang Mo Kio, getting yourself a new home is not difficult as long as you meet the criteria. Have you recently gotten yourself a new home? Are you planning to renovate your new home but you have no idea on where to start? Fret not, this article will guide you through your home renovation journey with ease.

First of all, there are two options available out there:
1. Engage with an interior designer
2. Self manage by finding your own contractor and different service providers. Of course, option 1 would definitely be an easier option, especially if you are busy. Bear in mind that engaging an interior designer will costly slightly more than managing the renovation yourself, however, it will definitely save you a lot of time.

Here are the guidelines to renovate your home:

1. Planning and design

First of all, you will need to start planning. Plan your budget, your ideal designs, the materials you prefer and so on. You can also start seeking for advices from your family and friends. This will help you to be on track throughout the renovation process.

It is essential to set a budget for your home renovation. here are also renovation loans available if you require one. Most of the renovation loans available in Singapore allow you to have a loan of maximum S$30,000.

There are many websites on the Internet that you can visit to get some ideas on what design you prefer. Get yourself exposed to different kind of designs out there. From there you can decide on the paint color, lighting, curtains, electronics and etcetera. Narrow down the designs you like and discuss with your interior designer if you engage in one. Share your ideas with your interior designer on the style you prefer for you living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and toilets. In addition, it is also essential to have a measuring tape with you all the time so you will be able to measure any furniture you like before buying.

If you are not engaging any interior designers, make sure you look for reliable contractors. ALwayys compare 3 quotes before you decide on which contractor to engage with.

2. Demolition and hacking
Depending on the design on the house, hacking will usually be the first step when it comes to renovation. If you are planning to have any hacking or demolishing work done to your house, you will need to have your contractor double check with relevant authorities on whether it is allowed to hack.

Do make sure to dispose the waste in an appropriate areas. The estimated cost of hacking a wall is approximately $400 to $1,000, depending on the size.

3. Electricity points, trunking and plumbing
Any shifting or adding of electrical points, air conditioner trunking and pipes should be planned earlier as it might affect other aspects of renovation. Air conditioner units could be installed much later, but trunking should always be planned and done ahead. Moreover, getting your electrical points and plumbing work ready before major renovation work starts will make renovation work much easier.

4. Flooring

You might want to build kerbs at the main entrance door, kitchen door, and bathroom. Most of the time, cement concrete bases are used to construct kitchen cabinet.

If you are planning to change your floor tiles, the approximate cost could be ranging from $6,000 and above, depending on the size of the house and the material you have chosen.

5. Windows and grills

There are many kinds of windows: top hung, casement or sliding. You could also tint the glass and soundproof the window to prevent heat and sound from entering your house. If you have children at home, it is advisable to add window grills for safety purposes.

6. Wallpaper and painting

The color of paint is very important when it comes to renovating your house as it plays a role in affecting one’s mood. You can also opt to have wallpaper instead of painting if you prefer. Either way, you are free to choose whatever color and design that suit the theme of your house. Wallpaper could be a cheaper option for those who are on a tight budget. Furthermore, wallpaper is easily changeable.

The approximate cost for painting is $650 and above, depending on the size of house and the type of paint.

7. Ceiling works

You could also install false ceiling to your house to beautify your house. You could install false ceiling to the living room, dining room, bedroom and foyer. Adding a false ceiling helps to create a modern classy effect to your home.

8. Carpentry works

Carpentry work could be done to the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors, bed frames, TV consoles, cabinets, tables and so on. If you are using the same material and design for your items, you could try negotiating with the carpenter for a better and cheaper price as material will be cheaper when ordered in large quantity.

9. Cleaning up

You are now one step closer to moving into your dream house. Make sure you dispose any renovation debris at the right appropriate place. Do some general cleaning before you start moving in your furniture. If you have extra budget, you could also hire a few cleaners to help you in cleaning up.

10. Moving in

Finally, you can move in all the furniture and electronics. Only move in your furniture and electronics after the renovation is done to prevent any unnecessary damage.

In conclusion, you should always plan your budget ahead and stick through your budget to prevent getting yourself into debts. Get yourself a budget planner to prevent yourself from overspending on your renovation limit. You can also check out many websites such as Pinterest to get some ideas on what suit your home.



  1. nak renovate dan pindah masuk rumah baru mmng perlu kekuatan mental dan fizikal.